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Massage Therapy and Its Effect on Your Body

The stone massage is also called dynamic bodywork and other healing massage therapy, which involve the application of a number of heated or cold stones on the patient's body to the specific purpose of therapy, pain relief and even health improvement. This sort of massage has been around for centurie…

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Sports Massage Therapy

Think of a sports massage more as an offshoot of an all more deep tissue massage. Both massages are focused on the muscles and connective tissues deep inside the human body. But using a sports massage your therapist can also incorporate the stretching facet, as well as the massage can be tailored to…

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Massage Therapy - Using Essential Oils to Relieve Stress, Stress & Pain

Aromatherapy massage is a sort of massage that uses pure essential oils (often highly concentrated plant scents ) in conjunction with massage strokes. Aromatherapy massage can be done on the entire body or just on specific areas. It's done on a manual therapist-led massage, and the focus is on the"s…

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The Benefits Of Shiatsu Massage

The Homedics Shiatsu massage and stretching Thai massage chair provide a complete blend of traditional Japanese Shiatsu massaging technique and Thai full-body stretching. Bring the soothing, spiritual massage techniques of an authentic Japanese Shiatsu massage or full-body stretching Thai massage ex…

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Massage Therapy - All About Muscle Trigger Factors

Getting a massage has become more popular in the last couple of years because of the health benefits. There are now more people getting massages than ever before. It's becoming more mainstream, as people want to try new things. One of the new things people are trying is Trigger Point massage.


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